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Mike 18 Video – Kostya and Mike

Last updated: July 25th, 2017

As we promised before, we are back again having a fresh hardcore gay sex video for you! This fine and hot update we return to you with another sexy treat in the form of a video. And we have here two guys this time. One is named Kostya and the other is Mike himself. Well the two of them are the main stars of this hot and fresh Mike 18 video today and they plan on having some hard core sexual fun as you get to watch them. It all started with them as they went for a nice swim in the cold river as it was very hot outside today. And it seems that they went for that swim nude. Sure enough they got turned on.

And with that they just had to do something about it. They couldn’t just return with massive boners. so they decided to have a little jerk off contest as they would try to get rid of the said boners. Well that somewhat worked but the two wanted more and more to do it together, and eventually they started stroking each other’c big dicks. And that degenerated in a gay sex scene even more, as they then began to start sucking on one another’s big dicks. So watch them suck each other’s big tools today and enjoy it. We want to remind you to check out the past updates as well for some more hot and sexy scenes.


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Mike18 Video – 3Way Orgy

Well we promised you a special treat, and with this fresh Mike18 video we delivered it. This nice movie clip is to serve as a commemoration that we kept our word and brought you some very nice and hot image sets just like this one every week since we started, and also to serve as a personal thank you for being our fans. So let’s see what today’s scene is all about, shall we everyone? Today you will watch another trio of studs that are very eager to show off how they like to be fucked, suck cock and also fuck other guys. And they are determined to put on the best show that you can hope to see. So let’s just watch them today!

As the cameras start to roll, you can see the three dudes as they talk a little about themselves and say how they like to fuck. And you can bet that just this type of confession was definitely enough to turn each other on with all the talk about cock sucking, cocks and asses. Watch them as they all begin to suck each other’s cocks like a real hot older male does and see as they decide who’s going to be on the receiving end in their sex session for today. Sure enough one of them is satisfied with the thought of getting fucked by the other two so they go with it. See these three fuck each other’s butt holes for your viewing pleasure everyone!

Watch these three twinks sucking and fucking each other!

Mike 18 – Twink Threesome

Hi once again guys. Today you’ll see some familiar faces today as you will most likely recognize them from the past Mike 18 updates that we brought you. Yes, as you can see it’s the two sexy dudes that form a casual couple. And today they have another guest sharing the bed as they have their little gay fuck fest for the night. This time the duo went to a gay party and they aimed to get a dude with a big black cock to have fun with. Sure enough they scored gold, and the guy himself was very much into threesomes. So the group headed back to the apartment to get the private fuck show for three started. Sit back and watch them without further due everyone!

When the scene itself starts off, the trio is already in the bed with the red satin covers and you can see them as they already have begun their show. Watch as they spend a good time sucking on one another’s cock to get each other nice and hard for the ass fucking scene that was to follow after this little foreplay session tonight. So have a great time watching these horny twinks get in position as the Latino guy gets to lick on one dude’s big dick as the other sexy dude slides his monster tool deep in his tight asshole. Don’t hesitate and see the horny dude getting his tight ass fucked by the two hot dudes for his enjoyment. You definitely should watch the entire video! If you’re looking for more Mike18 updates, come back tomorrow!


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Sweet Paradise

This new Mike18 update brings you more great hardcore gay sex action. One of these hot twinks performed in another great scene! He’s the guy with ginger hair that just loves to suck some cock and get fucked. And this time he has a new fuck buddy. Well we are kind of wondering what happened to the last one as they always seemed to be together. Well who knows, maybe they broke up, but as you can see, this horny stud is still pretty much active even in this hot scene just like in Austin Wilde videos that we have for you guys today. One more he’s up to his tricks and he goes for a nice and fresh fucking scene in the woods for this day.


His new friend insisted they take something to lay on as to not just have sex on the ground. He told our ginger gay porn star that he very much enjoys having horizontal sex as it allows his bog dick to reach pretty deep in his partner’s asses. And the guy agreed. He was going to get his thorough dicking no matter what today anyway. Watch him suck his buddy’s big dick as he knows best, and when he’s hard, watch him as he mounts it, taking the penis balls deep in his tight ass for your entertainment today. Also be sure to not miss our next updates! Until then bye bye!

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Mike18 – Super Sexy Games

Today is a special day everyone. Why you may ask, and we’re going to answer honestly right from the start. Enjoy watching this hot scene with a handsome gay spending the whole afternoon giving his fuck buddy some nice cock treatments as he sucks on his big dick. and one thing you should note about this Mike18 dude for this update is that he’s the best at giving head from all the other guys that we presented. This dude told us that he simply lives for sucking big dicks as he always likes to finish guys off with his mouth. And well, you don’t really have to believe him as neither did we, but you will see he says the truth in this gallery today!

He added that he’s not really into having some cocks fuck his tight ass, and in that regard he still has yet to take a cock in his butt. But he made a name for himself with his superb blowjob skills and this fine afternoon you will get to watch this hot guy putting them to good use. Tight from the beginning he’s all over the other guy’s cock and he starts to use his juicy lips to kiss it and his masterful tongue to lick on it. As it was still soft he takes it in his mouth, as he just loves the feeling of the guy getting big in his mouth as he sucks his cock. Watch him suck on that dick until the guy shoots his load straight in his mouth. Enjoy watching this great hardcore gay sex video!


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Horny Twink Play

Another fresh week, and time for one more superb update. Once more we return with the duo that spend that lovely day in the woods fucking for your entertainment. Well once more they will do just that for this Mike18 scene update today. These hot bang bang boys seem to always find some excuse to go out of their other buddies sights as they need to fuck. So again you might watch the horny and cock sucking expert ginger dude as he does what he knows to do best for you. They seemed to be going at it in the morning for this update though.


As they come back to their usual fucking place, the guy with red hair, pulls down the other dude’s pants once more. And as he reveals his big cock he starts to get to work to get him hard as he licks and kisses it. And also he sucks on it and deep throats it as he always likes to show his mates a nice time during sex. And when the guy is rock hard he presents his ass up for a good fucking once more. Watch as the ginger dude gets yet another thorough and hard fucking today and enjoy the scene. We’ll be back next week with more!

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Gay Fuck

Today we have another awesome Mike 18 update to bring to you. Again we have the two studs that enjoy spending random evenings together to fuck every now and then. And today they return with some more superb scenes to show off to you as they spent another night together. If before you just got to see these hot guys sucking one another’s cocks and just end up covered in jizz, just like in cocodorm videos and  for today you will be able watching them do even more for your viewing pleasure as today they want to try going balls deep in one another’s asses. So let’s get started!

As their scene starts once more for this night, they begin with their classic little treatment. And that means, as you surely know that they intend to do some nice foreplay first of all. Watch as then the guy that’s going to be taking the fucking, sucks on his friend’s cock to get him nice and hard for his tight and eager ass. And then watch as he spreads open his legs to allow the dude to penetrate him balls deep. Enjoy this Mike18 scene as always everyone and do come back next week for some more nice content with hot gay studs.


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Mike 18 – Dirty Twinks

For today we bring you a great Mike18 update, as we promised last week! In this scene you will see two dudes fuck as usual but the setting is a bit different. You see this scene was shot in the great outdoors, and to be more specific it was shot in the woods. Two guys retreated from a party in this superb Mike 18 gallery and they needed to find a nice and private place where they’d get to have all the private fun that they want without being disturbed by anyone. And they roamed the place quite a bit before they found a spot, and they kissed and caressed one another’s hot bodies all the way there today.


The cameras start to roll, and these two hunks waste no time getting straight to the action. See the guy with the ginger hair take off the other dude’s pants and underwear, watch as he begins to suck his new fuck buddy’s cock with his eager mouth. You just need to see this stud sucking and deep throating that cock today for your viewing pleasure everyone. And you can bet that he also presented the other dude with his tight ass as he allowed him to thoroughly fuck his ass hard style against a tree today. And to top it off you will also see a great finish to this scene as the ginger gets his face covered with some sticky jizz in this afternoon! Also you might enter the Dirty Tony blog and find some similar hardcore gay sex videos and pics!

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Hot Sex With Friends

Hello everyone. For this nice and hot Mike 18 update we have some more awesome stuff to show off. You may remember the sexy dudes that we had here last week with their scene, and for today they return with even more sexy goodness. One thing we forgot to add is that they also enjoy having one of their fuck buddies over every now and then and have a nice little threesome like in darkthunder videos in which everyone gets a turn to do whatever they want. So just sit back and watch this Mike18 update without further due!

As the scene starts, you might watch the pair as they welcome their guest sort of speak for the evening. And the trio do spend some nice time just talking about what they did recently. But as you know by now the real feature of these scenes is  these guys fuck one another and that’s what they end up doing. They retreat to the bedroom once more and you will see another cock sucking marathon at mike18.com as all of them want to take a turn to suck some dick and having their own pleased by the other two dudes. Enjoy guys!


See these horny twinks sucking and fucking each other!

Mike18 – Twink Pleasure

Hello, friends! Today we have some fresh content for you just as promised. In this scene you will see two more horny hunks as they have their little Mike18 fuck fest in front of the cameras just like in Czech hunter videos. Their story goes like this. They met up at a bar that’s usually frequented by guys like them and you could kind of say that it was love at first sight. And From that night that they spent together, they stuck together. And now they regularly meet up for a fuck every now and then and they always go out of their way to make sure that they are both pleased. Let’s just sit back and watch this amazing scene unfold with them.


The shoot itself was at night, when the two would have their regular meet and fuck session. And as soon as the cameras start to roll you you’ll them as they quickly make a retreat for the bedroom while leaving their clothes all over the place reaching it. Then, they will engage in a nice and hot sixty nine session as both of them suck on one another’s big dicks just for your viewing pleasure today. Stay a while longer and watch them fuck each other in the ass as well. We told you they like to go the full distance and we weren’t kidding about it. So enjoy these two guys for today everyone! See you soon, friends!

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